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The first major project of Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble.

Presented in collaboration with Eugene Contemporary Art.

Featuring guest artist Emma Rose Lynn.

The Eugene Garbage Project is an experimental sound/music multimedia work that promotes environmental awareness by transforming local trash into a concert-length work for voice, live electronic sound manipulation, and interactive video. In so doing, we call into question preconceptions of “disposable” items by reusing them towards creative ends.

From August 2020 to March 2021, we collected trash from local Eugene residents. We then recorded sounds with that trash and captured photographs of it. These recordings and images were transformed into a concert-length work for voice and live electronics. Our guest vocalist, Emma Rose Lynn, controlled the electronics with the blue and yellow gloves on her hands. These colors were in turn picked up by a camera, and a computer program converted the coordinates of each glove location into different musical characteristics, like volume, panning, pitch, and timbre. Animations made from the images accompanied her performance.


The premiere concert was streamed live from Eugene Contemporary Art's ANTI-AESTHETIC gallery on May 7th, 2021, and rebroadcast as a part of Brainrave in July of that year. On October 8th of that year, we brought an interactive installation version of the Eugene Garbage Project to ArtCity's annual BEAM showcase. Passersby controlled the sounds for themselves with a blue and yellow ball, freely switching between effects and imagery.

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