EDME is accepting scores for their 2022 New Music Festival. Selected scores will be programmed at the New Music Festival taking place October 15th-16th, 2022, in Eugene, OR. Selected composers are encouraged to attend the concert that features their work.

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Composers of all ages and nationalities may apply. Composers from historically underrepresented groups, including non-white, female-identifying, and LGBTQ+ individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.


There are two categories that you can apply for:

  1. Works for solo or chamber music compositions (1-10 performers)

    1. Instrumentation: bassoon, voice, piano (electric keyboard), percussion** (2 players), violin (2 players), viola, cello, fixed or live electronics

    2. Maximum length of 15 minutes

    3. Tech riders are required for works with electronics

  2. Audience participation works

    1. Must include some form of audience participation. 

    2. Instrumentation is not required, but if desired please limit to the following instrumentation: bassoon, voice, piano (electric keyboard), percussion** (2 players), violin (2 players), viola, cello, fixed or live electronics

    3. Maximum length of 15 minutes 

    4. Tech riders are required for works with electronics


All submissions may include improvisation and non-traditional notation, such as graphic and text-based scores. Electronics are limited to stereo speakers.


Composers may submit ONE score per category. Please note that there is a $10 fee for each submission. 


**Guaranteed percussion instruments include: marimba (5-oct), roto toms (3), bongos (1 set), tom-toms (3), snare drum (2), floor tom (1), kick drum (1), suspended cymbal (1), crash cymbal (1), splash cymbal (1), hi-hat (1), wood block (1), cowbell (1), maracas (1 pair), sleigh bells (1), ankle bells (1 pair), egg shakers (2), opera gong (1), angklung (1-oct), meditation bowls (2), and various found and toy instruments. If you are interested in using a percussion instrument not listed on this list, please send a message to

  1. Complete the online application here.

  2. Pay the $10 submission fee* through this link. Please note that the fee is managed by our fiscal sponsor, Earthbound Moon.


The $10 fee is important to help EDME’s operations and continue our mission. If the fee causes financial hardship, it may be waived. Please email to request to waive the fee. 


The composer grants EDME the right to audio and video record the live performance of the work, to use the recording for marketing purposes, including distribution to our patrons via E-news, social media, or our website. 


The applicant guarantees that the submitted materials are their original work and sole property, and that the applicant has obtained all licenses necessary to comply with their obligations. If a piece includes a text not in the public domain, the composer warrants they have secured the permissions to reproduce and perform the text used. 


March 1 – Submissions Open

June 1 – Submissions Close

July 1 – Notification

October 15-16 – EDME New Music Festival


We aim to meet the above timeline, but please allow some flexibility. In case of excessive submissions, we reserve the right to delay notification as late as August 1.


Please email with any questions.