The Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble performs and commissions underrepresented experimental works in order to open ears and minds. We work to expand the definition of what music can be and what music is capable of achieving, as well as who is capable of achieving it.

JP LEMPKE  Executive Director

JP Lempke is a composer and creator of bizarre things, many of which have been performed by individuals and groups like unassisted fold, Kanae Mizobuchi, and WasteLAnd. A winner of the American Guild of Organists Student Commissioning Project and a nominee for the Destellos Foundation Electroacoustic and Video-Music Competition, his works have been featured throughout the United States, Europe, and South Korea. In February 2020, he became executive director of the Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble, and he started up the Eugene Garbage Project that same year. He is currently teaching piano, theory, and composition at the Pavilanis School of Music in Eugene.

Kathie Hsieh  Treasurer

Kathie Hsieh is a percussionist, educator, composer, and arts administrator currently residing in Eugene, Oregon. Kathie’s mission as an artist is to help promote equity and inclusion in the arts through collaborating and creating new works with other artists. In addition, she believes in providing equal access to the arts for all communities.


Morgan is a trumpeter, educator, and musicologist. As dual master's degree student at the University of Oregon, Morgan serves as a graduate employee in the musicology department and is a member of the Oregon Brass Quintet. From playing orchestral music with the Oregon Mozart Players and Rogue Valley Symphony to performing experimental electronic duets with dog toy squeakers, Morgan is committed to exploring the full spectrum of performance possibilities with and without the trumpet in hand. Morgan's current musicological work explores vocality, embodiment, and subjectivity in Janelle Monáe's Dirty Computer. Morgan is also an avid paint-by-number enthusiast, camp song specialist, vocalist, and proud sibling/parent to three dogs: Louis, Raina, and Riley.


Thomas is a violinist, performer, and composer studying music education at the University of Oregon. Born in Oregon, his Hispanic heritage guides him toward exploring new perspectives in both music and communities. Having studied classical music and playstyles most of his musical career, he has recently been able to explore more modern contemporary projects involving dance and original music within the school of music and dance. He believes in the expansive nature of music that explores diverse identities while providing opportunities for collaboration in the arts and beyond.


Christian Li is the child of Chinese immigrants, and he's well-versed on the violin. He's additionally self-taught on piano and trumpet. As a child, he was part of the esteemed Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra, and played at countless renowned events, such as the time he went to Skywalker Ranch and totally didn't nerd the fuck out. He received a scholarship for music to the California Dominican University, where he also majored in Chemistry. Christian is currently pursuing his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Oregon. His "spare" (non-existent) time is spent contributing to EDME.


Isabel Pinney is a violinist currently studying violin performance at the university of Oregon. She is interested in professionally pursuing music, as well as teaching the violin. Additionally, she is exploring the fields of film composition and music technology as possible supplementary career paths. Isabel is a member of the University of Oregon’s Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Fulton Honors Quartet. Since she is a classically trained musician, she is enthusiastic to be a part of EDME and explore music outside of her typical realm.


Gabrielle Choma is a music theorist and South Texas native, currently working on her PhD in music theory at the University of Oregon. Her primary research interests include late 20th and early 21st century music. She concerns herself with the internal logic of new, often experimental music. She aims to demystify contemporary music and to make the understanding and appreciation of modern music a normal part of quintessential life, both inside and outside of academia. In addition to this, Gabi is an avid mahjong player, crochet artist, and proud cat mom.


Adrian is a craftsman and tinkerer who enjoys working with a plethora of mediums. In the past, he h­as worked with ceramics, paint, wood, cardboard, sound, electronics, and instruments. Born in Oregon but identifying strongly with his Hispanic heritage, he strongly believes in collaboration across different fields and is influenced by many different artists across various mediums including Fashion, architecture, classical literature, bootleg toys, design toys, land artists, noise, hip-hop, and video games. He is classically trained in playing the cello but is most interested in contemporary music around the world. He is currently studying to be an ethnomusicologist researching electronic music.


Grace Clark is currently pursuing her bachelors in viola performance at the University of Oregon. EDME is her first experience with new music, but she is excited to branch out from the classical canon into new music by a more diverse group of composers.


"You're an academic nerd, and you deserve to be called out on that." Chad is a former academic nerd who decided that making weird noises was way more fun and interesting than reading music theory papers and analyzing music by dead white German men. Chad is originally from Alabama, and we hope you'll be able to ignore that. Chad is currently working on a video game development project as the composer and lead programmer and passes the time by laying down some phat funky beats. Chad also enjoys Riichi Mahjong and the SNES-era Final Fantasy games.


Kiwi has always had the desire to hit things. As a child, their parents attempted to channel it through piano. The teacher and instrument tolerated as much hitting as classical piano could contain before someone had an obvious idea: drums. Kiwi hit everything pitched in concert percussion, from "bells" to "xylophone," hitting "marimba" most. One day, they spotted an hourglass-shaped drum and wanted to hit it so badly, they accidentally ended up leading a traditional Korean percussion group. Now-a-days, Kiwi doesn't know where they are, how they got here, or why the music is weird, but they're allowed to hit things, so it's fine.


Lee Pembleton has been composing and performing music for over forty years. The bulk of that time has been spent investigating sound environments and performative installations. He has been a member of several contemporary music/performance ensembles, jazz bands and the occasional rock, psychedelic and folk group. He has performed at the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum, Roulette Intermedium, Issue Project Room, Mills College’s Littlefield Concert Hall, Milk of Burgundy, 55 Bar, Czar Bar, Flux Factory, Old Nick's, and many other obscure venues.