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EDME has been awarded $5000 from OCF's Fred W Fields Fund for general operating support! We're thankful for this gift from the foundation, and look forward to upgrading our programming and equipment in the coming year.

February 16, 2024  UO SOMD Performing Arts & Career Fair

EDME will be at the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance Performing Arts Networking & Career Fair. Come see us to hear more about who we are and what we do from noon to 4:00 pm in Room 190 of the Frohnmayer Music Building.

Friday, February 16 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Aasen-Hull Hall (Room 190)

Frohnmayer Music Building

961 East 18th Avenue

Eugene, OR 97403

January 20, 2024  Pavilanis School of Music House Concert

EDME will be hosting a performance in conjunction with the House Concert Series hosted by the Pavilanis School of Music. Our first concert of the year will feature a variety of sometimes wild, sometimes mild pieces by living composers. These include

Wach ya HAYDN, Mikhail Johnson

Score for Memories and the Weather in Montenegro, Michèle Saint-Michel

Harmony 58, Dinah Bianchi

Performance Tactics, Glenn Sogge

Flightpath, Anuj Bhutani

The program is highly varied, including audience participation in Sogge's work, a mix of acting and musical eclecticism in our interpretation of Saint-Michel's graphic score, solos without electronics in Wach ya HAYDN or with electronics in Harmony 58, and the harmonious and lightly eccentric aleatory in Bhutani's piece.

Details for attending are listed below. The concert is free and open to the public.

January 20th, 6pm

House of Pavilanis

3345 Bardell Ave

Eugene, OR 97401

October 13-15, 2023  Second Annual New Music Festival

EDME is proud to host our second annual New Music Festival this October 13th-15th in downtown Eugene. This three-concert series features an exciting array of nearly two dozen composers and guest artists, each with unique styles of contemporary music composition. From noise works to chiptune electronics, from ambient soundscapes to classical-inspired acoustic works, the Festival leans heavily into aspects of diverse, intriguing pieces by up-and-coming and established music creators from around the world. Each concert is set in a unique downtown location.

The first concert will illuminate the Farmer's Market Pavilion Plaza with projected visuals by Robert Long and sounds by local acts Free Static and Don Haugen, as well as visiting performers Jennifer Wright, Mrs Hands, and M Denney. The event is across the street from ArtCity's annual BEAM exhibition of light-based art in the Park Blocks.

The second and third concert take place at WOW Hall and First Christian Church, respectively. They feature a variety of concert works written for EDME's core instrumentalists, joined with guest musicians Mallory Wood (flute), Max Mabry (clarinet), Tyler Kashow (bassoon), and Janice Irungu (voice). Works vary from solo to ensemble and fully acoustic to mixed electronic.

Concert 1

Friday, October 13th, 7:00pm

Farmer's Market Pavilion Plaza

85 E 8th Ave

Eugene, OR 97401

Concert 2

Saturday, Oct 14th, 2:00pm

WOW Hall

291 W 8th Ave

Eugene, OR 97401

Concert 3

Sunday, Oct 15th, 2:00pm

First Christian Church

1166 Oak St

Eugene, OR 97401

All concerts are free and open to the public. Donations are welcome through Patreon, PayPal, or in cash at the door. For more information, click here.

August 5, 2023  Fundraising Concert

EDME will host a fundraising concert at First Christian Church on August 5th. It will feature a variety of works, including open-score and text-based pieces, new styles written in traditional notation, and one of the ensemble's first commissions. We're currently raising funds for our 2023 and 2024 projects. These are the 2nd Annual New Music Festival on October 13th-15th, and Stories from the Unhoused, which is set to start in November of this year and culminate in a concert in June of next year. Two pieces will be preview works from the upcoming Festival. All audience members can donate according to their means at the door. If you can't attend the concert, but would still like to give, consider joining our Patreon or leaving a one-time donation through PayPal.

Fundraising Concert

Saturday, August 5th, 7pm

First Christian Church (Chapel)

1166 Oak St

Eugene, OR 97401

August 1, 2023  Community Arts Project Grant Award

Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble has been honored with a Community Arts Project Grant from Lane Arts Council. We were given the grant for our upcoming Stories from the Unhoused project, an endeavor to interview two dozen unhoused individuals in Eugene and put their stories in a musical framework with acoustic instruments, electronic elements, and dancers. Interviews are set to start in conjunction with First Christian Church in November 2023, with the subsequent composition of the piece and rehearsals beginning at the start of 2024, and the final performance in June of that year. EDME was one of eight organizations given an award, and it is our first from Lane Arts Council. ArtCity is our production partner for the project.

June 3, 2023  Arts Alive

Partnering with dancer Sophia MacMillan, EDME performed an act on Arts Alive during Lane Arts Council's First Friday Artwalk on June 3rd. Our collaboration, Identity Pitches / Identity Gestures, was featured as part of a diverse dance program with a myriad of styles by both young amateurs and seasoned professionals. Our act was an interpretation of the graphic score Identity Pitches by Stine Janvin and Cory Arcangel. This work translates traditional Norwegian knitting patterns onto graphs depicting the overtone and undertone series. We took these depictions and further overlaid aspects of timing, technique, structure, and instrumentation onto them. Sophia danced to the sonic environment by continually unwinding a ball of yarn throughout the duration of the work, wrapping them around the feet of the players and conductor as she moved around the stage.

Website Image FF&FC 1290x750 2023.png

EDME has been invited to perform at Fierce, Fabulous, and Fully Coiffed on May 20th at 7pm. This classical drag show features the original works of Cascadia Composers out of Portland, Oregon, and is hosted by the fabulous Saint Syndrome at Eugene's First Christian Church downtown. As part of this unique event, EDME's Thomas Calletano Gonzalez and JP Lempke will perform Jessie Marino's Rot Blau, each dressed majestically for the occasion. Buy your tickets today and come experience this amazing show!

Fierce, Fabulous, and Fully Coiffed

Saturday, May 20, 2023, 7:00pm

First Christian Church

1166 Oak St

Eugene, OR 97401

General admission: $25

Student admission: $10


Come to the Big, Shitty Talent show on Friday, May 12th at 7:30pm to hear and see a variety of wonderful acts by local Lane County residents! This wondrous affair is put on by The Resonance Building. The lovely Owen Atlansky and Adrian Cervantes will be performing The Third Wheel by Romane Bouffioux and Corentin Barro, a delightful noise-filled wonderland performed with contact mics, chopsticks, and other elements shoved, poked, and rubbed against the wheels of a bicycle. The venue's address is below.

Big, Shitty Talent Show

Friday, May 12, 2023, 7:00pm

The Resonance Building

840 Lawrence St

Eugene, OR 97401

April 17th, 2023  WATT FROM PEDRO SHOW

The executive director, JP Lempke, was interviewed for an episode the Watt from Pedro podcast. This show explores the musical upbringing of the composer, as well as dabbling in some of his present-day projects with EDME. The episode features a variety of music by different artists. Prominent among them are numerous recordings with original music either written by Lempke, as well as performances by EDME written by various other contemporary composers.

You can see the full playlist, as well as listen to the interview, at this link.

April 11th, 2023  MUTATION FEST

EDME is being featured on Austin Rich's Mutation Fest. This month-long affair features live performances, debut music, interviews, and sound art by a huge variety of musical artists. Our performance features

Identity Pitches - Stine Janvin and Cory Arcangel

Sonic Meditation XII: One Word - Pauline Oliveros

Storm King - Erin Blake

See our recording and the works of many other talented musicians here.

Mutation Fest Flyer.png

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